All-in-one productivity cloud

Best-in-class productivity apps with cloud services giving you the ultimate connected experience.

Microsoft Office 365 not only gives you email with your own domain setup securely but it also comes with a software suite available anywhere that has an internet connection. Applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note are just the start. Help keep your team on the same page with online meetings, group chats and have a central hub for teamwork.

O365 helps protect your employees and your data with advanced security and device management.

What to expect:

  • Popular Office applications available online
  • OneDrive to store all your personal files and share them to who you want
  • Secure email with a 50gb mailbox size to start
  • 1TB of online storage per user
  • Microsoft Teams for quick messaging, sharing, and invites
  • Professional email and calendaring

Ready to setup your cloud experience?