Think Beyond Traditional Antivirus

The days of using legacy protection software with signatures are over.

CylancePROTECT is the new industry standard in integrated threat prevent solutions. This solution provides the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to block existing and new malware.

Traditional endpoint security products use signatures and behavior analysis to prevent and detect threats in your environment.

AI Driven Malware Prevention

Uses AI, not signatures to identify and block known and unknown malware

True Zero-Day Prevention

Blocks common and unknown (zero-day) threats even with out a connection to the cloud

Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention

Proactively identifies malicious use of memory with automated prevention responses.

Script Management

Maintains full control of when and where scripts are run in the environment.

Small and lightweight software agent that is deployed to every endpoint and managed via the cloud console

  • No signatures
  • Pre-execution prevention in under 100ms
  • No daily scans
  • Rejects potentially unwanted programs
  • Controls tools used in lateral movement
  • Machine learning with predictive analysis
  • Stops process injection
  • Prevents memory misuse
  • Blocks unauthorized PowerShell and Active Scripts
  • Stops fileless attacks
  • Provides real-time statistics
  • Clickable dashboards
  • Easy sharing of critical security data
  • Provides 360°visibility
  • Delivers industry leading security effectiveness
  • Reduces the strain on the endpoint
  • Takes less human effort to manage

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